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When you sign up for a membership with Global Express, you will receive your own personal US shipping address for use when shopping American merchants online! Your packages will arrive at our warehouse in Sarasota, Florida where will consolidate your merchandise for forwarding to you at any international location!
  • Consolidated Shipments

    Order items from as many online stores as you please. We will re-package them any way you want!

  • Big Savings

    Ship your orders for less! Enjoy access to discounted American goods with no hidden fees or high shipping costs.

  • Fast Delivery

    We will process your order as soon as it arrives at our warehouse and ship you items to you with the carrier of your choice!

  • Global Alerts

    See your purchases in your Global Express account. We always provide detailed information on all your items.

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International Package Forwarding Services

We provide international parcel forwarding services to individuals who would like to purchase goods in the USA but run into challenges such as:
  • Companies that do not ship out of the United States
  • Issues resulting from purchasing with a foreign credit card
  • Excessive international shipping costs

Global Express USA allows international consumers to purchase American products and have them delivered to our warehouse in Sarasota, Florida. Members have the option to hold items in their suite for consolidation with future shipments or request immediate shipment to any of over 223 countries! Global Express enables international customers to:

  • Manage their US mailing address from anywhere in the world
  • Save up to 80% on international shipping rates when consolidating
    multiple purchases in to one international shipment
  • Quick transit, depending on your international destination


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